Agence France Presse—In the UNGA-VI, the Delegate of Jamaica accused the Delegates of Israel and Iran of, jointly, “passing assertive statements to protect terrorism” and expressed her perplexion on blaming arab nations for the blame game and violating human rights.” Meanwhile the Delegate of Chile is not very happy with the committee swaying around with no particular discussion in near sight, he sighed and mentioned, “I think we’re just trying to get through it for the last session now!” The Delegate of Jamaica, in support of USA’s stance in the committee, said, “USA is being pretty modest in accepting alterations … Continue reading SICK-OH MODE! SUN IS DOWN, FREEZING COLD.

Press Conference Results in Only More Questions

DAWN EDITORIAL- This reporter was invited to participate in a press conference and had the opportunity to ask burning questions to key members of United Nations Committees. However, after the press conference, I simply have more questions. My fellow journalists and I had the opportunity to question key members of the United Nations, beginning with General Assembly members; Thailand, USA, India, and the Netherlands. The panel began with opening statements by the Delegates; the US restated their ridiculous position that climate change is not a pressing issue, Thailand explained they had been working with the Netherlands and Bangladesh on a … Continue reading Press Conference Results in Only More Questions