Translation Cooperation

HURRIYET – International cooperation mounts in the United Nations General Assembly as the delegations of Syria and Chile translated a document from Spanish to English, so that the Latin America Block in the GA could interpret and assess it for useful information regarding the topic currently in discussion: implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity. The document translated was the strategic regional framework for the Andes Region of South America on the very same topic. The question of why the delegations in the Latin America block needed aid translating their own national language in the first place remains a mystery.   Continue reading Translation Cooperation


BREITBART – The United States has been suspiciously absent from the General Assembly (GA), causing much concern amongst delegates and their nation’s interests. This is a strong indicator that global representation in the United Nations is not crucial for U.S. … Continue reading ‘TRUMP’S GOT BALLS’: U.S. ABSENCE STIRS UP GENERAL ASSEMBLY

US Absent as General Assembly Moves Ahead

AL JAZEERA – The United Nations General Assembly 2nd Committee gathered to discuss biological diversity and food security today and are expected to move forward on implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity this weekend. The GA2, also called the Economic and Financial Committee, is responsible for determining the funding for UN programs. The decision to prioritize biodiversity was perceived by some as a signal that the UN lacks commitment to the needs of lesser developed countries. Delegations from Syria and Iraq dissented from the committee’s decision by explaining that “the privilege of more developed nations to focus on biodiversity” is … Continue reading US Absent as General Assembly Moves Ahead