European Union: Uniting Nothing But Themselves

BREITBART – The European Union has long been looked at as a model of cooperation within its boundaries, but their treatment of those who do not hold the EU title is less than applaudable. This has been further inflated in the current workings of the General Assembly, as the EU has chosen to move forward with only their voices, leaving out other important players such as the United States, Russia, and China. When asked what other committee members thoughts were on how this overgrown consortium is running the committee, an anonymous source replied “I feel like the EU is holding a … Continue reading European Union: Uniting Nothing But Themselves

Political Institution Threatens Change for Indigenous Communities

TIMES OF INDIA: With the separation of states into regional blocks, will it be possible for the General Assembly to pass a motion together? This weekend, the General Assembly of the United Nations has come together to discuss indigenous relations and solutions to improve their quality of life around the world. Having separated themselves into regional blocks, the GA has found itself coming up with several excellent solutions to improve indigenous relations. The 2007 UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights has been referenced several times throughout the past two days. Many members of the General Assembly state that the declaration did … Continue reading Political Institution Threatens Change for Indigenous Communities

Small Steps to Big Results: the UN tackles indigenous issues

Times of India Jan 8, 2017   In an attempt to address the injustices committed against indigenous people around the globe, several countries of the General Assembly at the UN are coming together to find solutions to improve indigenous peoples’ lives.   With great enthusiasm, the delegates of Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, and India have stated that they are working together, along with other countries, to improve the lives of indigenous peoples through a multi-pronged, broad approach. This initiative would include better education for indigenous peoples around the globe, as well as educating non-indigenous people of indigenous cultures and values. Through … Continue reading Small Steps to Big Results: the UN tackles indigenous issues

Pushed for Time

The General Assembly Has More Work Than Expected Der Spiegel | Vancouver | 8 January 2017 | After a long day of working hard in the General Assembly, it still seems that there is much more work to be done. Upon the first opportunity to motion for suspensions, the dais verbally smiled upon a 30 minute suspension to allow delegates to finish their second draft papers. This recommendation was met with opposition namely from the delegates from Italy and Finland. Delegates pushed for a 35 minute suspension, begging the question of what the delegates could do in five minutes more … Continue reading Pushed for Time

Op-Edge: Finland and the Sami

08 January 2017 Artyom Borzhoska with Russia Today   When one thinks of Finland, if at all, they would normally think of a small nation clinging to the top of the world that has indestructible phones and drinks far too much coffee. It is also the country with what is considered the world’s best education systems, one of the highest levels of happiness, and a country whose self-proclaimed core value is equality, according to the Finland Promotion Board. This is not the kind of place you would think to find a mistreated indigenous population. The Sami people are an indigenous … Continue reading Op-Edge: Finland and the Sami

UAE Decries Western Powers’ Hypocrisy on Indigenous Rights

Al Jazeera   1/08/2017 – Vancouver, BC   The delegate of the United Arab Emirates to the General Assembly approached Al Jazeera in the early hours of Sunday morning’s session to express several concerns with the proceedings of the body. While the delegate spoke of their “deep satisfaction” with the proceedings, the UAE underlined the lack of attention being paid to international corporations. The delegate was particularly critical of the U,S, Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand.   “International corporations have no regard for indigenous rights” UAE said “they’re only concerned with their revenues”. The delegate cited the situation … Continue reading UAE Decries Western Powers’ Hypocrisy on Indigenous Rights