Fan News—As Trump’s shutdown continues, the democratic party has reached another big roadblock. It has been reported from a very reliable source that the president has recently purchased a pair of AirPods ™ . With the AirPods ™ , the 45th president of the United States is now unable to hear broke. It has also been reported that everyone in the Trump administration has also recently purchased their very own AirPods ™ and has stopped communicating with each other. Our special investigator informed us that the AirPods ™ has created a social hierarchy based on how much you can hear broke.

With the shutdown now going on for more than a month, the only chance anti-trumpers have now is people with more moola than Trump.

Subtle Asian Traits now declares itself a nation

Yes. Its a nation now. One of the biggest and most asian groups on Facebook now declares itself a nation. Having citizens from over 48 Asian countries, the subtle and asian bois are officially a independent nation. With their national flag being the Pikachu in awe, and having a population of 1.1 million, Subtle Asian Traits is officially the country with the most singles that are ready to mingle.