Agence France Presse—In the UNGA-VI, the Delegate of Jamaica accused the Delegates of Israel and Iran of, jointly, “passing assertive statements to protect terrorism” and expressed her perplexion on blaming arab nations for the blame game and violating human rights.”

Meanwhile the Delegate of Chile is not very happy with the committee swaying around with no particular discussion in near sight, he sighed and mentioned, “I think we’re just trying to get through it for the last session now!”

The Delegate of Jamaica, in support of USA’s stance in the committee, said, “USA is being pretty modest in accepting alterations to former policies but the Delegate of China and the Delegate of Russia are stuck on their old policies and are, in no way, willing to negotiate and acknowledge the views of the other member nations.”

The Delegate of Papua New Guinea found it hilarious (and grinned while she mentioned) that, “ the USA is totally hypocritical on their stand while supporting a working paper that proposes establishment of democracy in all member nations, while the USDI clearly allows countries to choose their government style the way they’d prefer.”

Before the committee went back into formal session, a minor distraction was placed at the back of the committee, literally. Someone took the initiative to lighten the committee’s mood by playing ASTROWORLD, at which the Delegate of Israel commented, “I’m outta here! Let’s face it, not everyone could make it to the concert.”