Mind-control chip implanted in the brain of US Delegate to the GA

INFO WARS – Our reporters have discovered undeniable evidence that wicked individuals have implanted mind-control chip into the brain of the Delegate of the United States in the United States General Assembly. A source close to this illegal, underground operation claims the Democrats paid Chinese engineers millions of American taxpayer dollars as to hijack our foreign policy and international relations.

Within the General Assembly, the US Delegate is sometimes completely normal, following the genius foreign policy written by our President Donald J. Trump, and stating that fact that climate change is fake. But then, during backroom talks, the Delegate is saying that the US believes in climate change and wants to take action against it! This clearly shows he is himself and is actually being controlled by the evil Democrats to try and further their mission of brainwashing the world that climate change is a threat. An anonymous delegate described the US Delegate as acting “like a plastic bag in the water just floating around committee.” Does that sound like the way a sound-minded diplomat acts? No it doesn’t! Once again, this is evidence of the Dems manipulation to run the good American name into the dirt.

We need to take action now and get these mind-chip out of the brain of our brave, fearless, and heroic diplomat. We will not allow the Democrats to get away with this repulsive crime.

Photo source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/8/6/17657696/alex-jones-infowars-apple-youtube-twitter-last-platforms-hosting