Disgruntled Delegate Curses out HRC

THE GUARDIAN- Drama in the Human Rights Council as the final session of the conference is in full motion.

Several delegates, including Chile and Hungary, have made their frustration of the committee clear to not only the Guardian, but also the entire committee. During a formal session, the Delegate of Chile motioned a point of inquiry, asking the Dias to remind the delegates that the topic should be focused on the refugee crisis occurring in Myanmar.

Delegates seem to be tearing apart draft resolution C, which is the only paper which has Myanmar as a signatory. The working paper focuses on abiding to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by addressing Myanmar. It is important to note that no other draft resolution actually mentions the Myanmar.

The Delegate from Chile stated “it’s appalling that delegates have skimmed the clauses in our paper, yet these same delegates have the audacity to call our paper ‘vague’.”

The Delegate from Chile wants everyone in the HRC to hear her concerns “F*ck everyone in the HRC for not being willing to actually address the committee’s topic.”