Bullets fly in the GA: Unchanged Transcript of Israel v/s Kuwait’s Shouting Match

The EastAfrican

In Summary

During an unusually quiet and cooperative session of the GA, two delegates caused ripples in the water by getting into an intense shouting match right outside the Committee. Israel and Kuwait faced off regarding the topic of Palestine and Israeli sovereignty.

The East African: The shouting match started with Kuwait stating that the State of Palestine is a legitimate state to which Israel countered that it is not a recognized state by International Law. Kuwait was quick to counter that it is a recognized by two thirds of the world. The following is the unchanged, unbiased reporting of the shouting match between the Delegation of Israel (I) and Kuwait (K):  

K: Israel is not a legitimate state

I: Actually, Israel is a recognized state, that’s why Israel has a spot in the GA  

K: Israel is only recognized because it was a British Colony

I: No

K: Yes

I: No  

K: Yes

I: No


I: NO!!!

K: YES BECAUSE the British decided to put a Jewish population into the Middle East, into originally Palestine and then….

I: And then… and then sorry.. What happened after that??

K: And then the British decided to pop off and start a Genocide

I: Ya, against whom?  

K: A genocide on Muslim populations

I: I should go write my speech this is a waste of my time

K: See! The Delegation of Israel…

I: I just spent the last 15 minutes screaming at you

K: Waste of time…

I: It is…

K: Palestinians are a waste of time for Israel, so then give them their territory back, give them their lands back.



I: Israel is an INTERNATIONALLY recognized sovereign territory

K: Search up any map of Israel and Palestine over the past 200 years….

I: I disagree and I have nothing else to say besides the fact that they are not recognized and International Law is on my side

K: No its not  

I: Yes it is  

K: No its not, two thirds of the world is literally on Palestine’s side  

I: Okay, that might be a fact but it is also a fact that International Law backs the Palestinian state

K: Okay, so then we are making this into International Law

I: You’re not making this into International Law, you’re not the Security Council!

K: Two thirds of the world recognizes Palestine, it’s only the states backed by a Western Hegemony that are puppeteered by Western powers like the United States and have no sovereignty over their borders because the U.S. tells them what to do and the United States frankly is ignoring Muslim Nations and do not like the….

Watching Reporter Interjects: Earlier you mentioned Iran briefly, what was that about?  

I: Oh, what’s your stance on Iran spending seven billion dollars on funding terrorism?

K: That’s their foreign policy  

I: They have a flailed economy and they would rather, instead of building infrastructure and help their people they would rather….

K: Well ever since they were torn apart by the failed Nuclear Deal, had sanctions placed on them by the United States, it’s pretty hard to rebuild their economy when the world’s largest economic power…

I: It is hard to rebuild their economy because they are spending seven billion dollars annually…

K: It’s also hard when they are also 30 billion dollars’ worth of tariffs on the country  

I: Seven billion dollars…

K: 30 billion dollars-worth of tariffs on Iran…  

Reporter: Why are you guys discussing Iran when you are Kuwait and you are Israel?

K: Because she likes to stick her nose in places in places it doesn’t belong  

I: Oh really? Why is Kuwait so involved in this issue of Palestine

K: Because we support our Muslim brothers, it’s horrible what you guys are doing to them, we can’t stand for that.

I:  It was horrible what the International Community did to the Jewish population THROUGHOUT ALL OF HISTORY but I don’t see you speaking on that

K: What do you mean?

I: What do YOU mean “what do mean?”, The HOLOCAUST!

At this point the Delegations waked off without clear indication of who the winner could have been. While it is interesting to see how cooperatively the GA has been working it is no news that rifts exist. Now whether these rifts hinder the GA’s progress in coming up with solutions is yet to be seen.