Blockchain, a possible future of connection

Vox—The General Assembly is meeting today and with all of the discussions and ideas there’s one that is being overlooked according to the Argentinian Delegate.The delegate states that new developments in the area of digital currency, transactions, and interconnectivity are essential and will increase productivity, transaction tracking and accountability; while at the same time decreasing aid-disbursement times and making it easier to raise funds for disaster relief caused from climate change and other sources. There’s no doubt in our minds that technology is advancing at an exponential rate. technologies are coming out at an increasingly more as time produces some of the most inventive minds in history. Blockchain is this revolutionary technology that many believe can connect the world and its people through blocks or data records that are designed to make life for everyone more convenient and simple. There’s also no centralization so no state can take control of the information being gathered which means national security will not infringed upon. Argentina believes that widely accepting and further developing of these technologies can reshape the way we as people go about our lives. The main points that the Argentinian Delegate wanted to touch on were; blockchain can increase accountability for climate change reporting and verification through its interconnectedness, aw well as cut costs by substantial amounts when it comes to the collection of data, helping lesser developed nations keep up and contribute to climate and emission data in their respective countries. These technologies may have the the potential to do great things in our lifetime, but we’ll see what comes of Argentina’s global ambitions.

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