Updates in the General Assembly Second Committee: The Final Stages

DER SPIEGEL – The General Assembly (GA) Second Committee is currently entering voting block. However, delegates have recounted the progress of committee prior to that.

Tensions in the GA have calmed slightly as delegates finalized their working papers. There has been a sense of cooperation among the Member States. According to the delegate of Egypt, the Latin American bloc and Asian bloc have decided to merge the two working papers. The delegate of the Dominican Republic has observed that the EU bloc was still completing their working paper. Despite this cooperation, there is still a bit of friction amongst the delegates.

The representative of the Dominican Republic has heard a delegate from the European bloc say: “To put things simply, we have a clean, finished paper. You guys have a messy paper.” The Dominican delegation did not remember which delegate made those remarks.

It is important for the European bloc to cooperate more with other blocs because the issues at hand do not just affect the EU, but also the world as a whole.

The Egyptian delegation is optimistic that “both resolutions will pass by acclamation.” The delegate claimed that the spats occurring amongst delegates were personal spats rather than political spats.

Main talking points in the working paper

The delegates of Egypt and the Dominican Republic have outlined some of their main points in the newly merged working paper. The Dominican Republic acknowledges that “environment and biodiversity crosses borders,” and both delegates hope that environmental damage caused by war and conflict can be addressed.