Southeast Asia Blight: Not Enough Food to Go Around

DAWN – The Southeast Asian blight crisis is spreading rapidly and threatens to destroy the livelihoods of thousands of small scale farmers in primarily developing nations. As one of the most vulnerable groups, small scale farmers often live in remote rural areas making it more difficult to bring aid. While many large-scale farming operations are genetically modified and protected against the blight there simply is not enough to feed everyone. As a result of the widespread scale of devastation prices are predicted to skyrocket further exacerbating the effects of the crisis.

What is to be done about the crisis? Many world leaders remain focused on their current resolution calling for more research to be put into genetically modified organisms. No immediate action has been taken as the situation continues to worsen. The argument of whether or not GMOs are good or bad remains seized and should remain so until humanitarian relief is deployed to high risk areas. World leaders need to take the situation seriously and make efforts to monitor the trade and control of the disease.