Seized Nuclear Missile Found Near Kabul

WASHINGTON POST – Early Sunday morning, Afghan troops discovered a hidden ISIS camp 30 kilometres outside the borders of Kabul.

Over the past 24 hours, the seized Pakistani nuclear missile have triggered an uproar in the international community, with some commentators attributing this to the United Nations Security Council’s proposals to implement border restrictions in Pakistan. Such measures have spiked a significant drop in the Pakistani rupee, prompting civil unrest and and financial hardship for many across the country.

Afghan troops deployed to investigate leads on the missing nuclear weapon located the missile in a recent operation. With the missile’s close proximity to the national capital and the pre-emption of its potential detonation, public relief has been palpable.

Due to the weapon’s very same proximity, the possibility of the missile’s discovery ironically appears to have existed significantly earlier. However, Afghan defence forces have been deterred from an earlier search due to the international community’s strong suspicion that the missile remained in Pakistan – a sentiment indicated by the solution of cutting trade to Pakistan and not other countries between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

With the help of US special forces, Afghan troops were able to secure the nuclear weapon and remove the threat that has quickly worried countries across the region. Encrypted documents have reportedly been found in the raided camp and decoding analysis is underway. Preliminary results from examination imply that a Saudi attack was to be used as decoy to distract from actual plans to target Kabul.

To the relief of the Afghan government and its peers across the region, the threat appears to have been eliminated. Representatives from states such as Italy, Argentina, Kazakhstan and France have expressed gratitude over the discovery of the missile.