Saudi Arabia Exploits Crisis to Invite Western Allies to Occupy Middle East

AL JAZEERA – The United Nations Security Council (SC) is attempting to address the ongoing situation in Pakistan. Little information is known presently other than an attack occurred which resulted in a rogue element gaining possession of a nuclear weapon.

Inexplicably, though not unexpectedly, the Saudi delegation in the SC has implicated Qatar as responsible for a rogue Pakistani government official accused of assisting in the illegal confiscation of a nuclear weapon. The Saudi delegation has gone as far as to “invite Security Council members into the region”. Saudi Arabia’s representative told Al Jazeera that this invitation includes UN troops as well as a “coalition of allies”.

Saudi Arabia’s posture towards Qatar is the latest in a stream of attacks against its neighbor. Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Qatar in June of 2017 by imposing a land, air, and sea blockade. In December of 2017, the Saudi regime permanently closed its land border with Qatar, and just last week barred Qataris from making pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has accused Qatar of sponsoring terrorism.

The SC is currently considering a radical response, described by China as looking for “unique solutions” to the problem. The response being discussed openly includes a temporary closure of borders in Pakistan. Further discussions are being held privately according to Kazakhstan’s representative in the SC, who stated that he was not privileged to their contents. The private discussion was described by Egypt’s representative as “actions that would not be unprecedented”, and would not rule out the possibility of western forces being used to occupy lands in the Middle East.

Russia told Al Jazeera that “we can’t rule anything out” including the possibility of western forces entering the Middle East. After speaking with several members of the SC, there was no indication that a recent Al Arabiya report indicating a breach in Russian security as the cause of stolen missile launchers were being taken seriously.

The basis for the extreme measures being considered have been based on nothing more than rumors reported by the aforementioned Al Arabiya report. Saudi Arabia’s presence in the SC has resulted in a committee that is hair-triggered and ready to occupy Arabic lands based on a rumor described by Al Arabiya’s report as “simply… a decoy in an effort to distract the global community and the efforts of the [SC].” If Al Arabiya’s report is accurate, such rumors have been effective.