Rainbows and Wishful Thinking

HURRIYET DAILY NEWS – The United Nations Security Council has decided on how to deal with the missile stolen by Daesh and published their presidential statement. The conclusion reached by the committee is to authorize Russia to send a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) into Pakistan in an attempt to locate the stolen nuclear missile system by the air. China, the EU, and the USA will be using their substantial intelligence services in an effort to locate the missiles simultaneously with Russia’s UAVs.

In an attempt to limit how far the missiles can be moved, the Security Council recommends that all states cease trade with Pakistan immediately until the crisis has been solved.This is to prevent the missiles from potentially crossing any borders under disguise and escaping detection from the above mentioned search. However, during the press conference the delegation of China has admitted that this particular decision may not have the desired effect, and that the missiles could have already been moved across borders.

The decision reached, however, does not mention at all how the missiles will be dealt with once found. The Security Council will instead decide upon what to do at a later time. When pressed for an answer on the resources being used in the search and what any potential action taken after the missiles were located would be, the committee was deliberately vague with their responses.

Shortly after finalizing their decision, the Security Council voiced that it was eager to move back to the topic on the situation in Myanmar, seemingly believing that the crisis would be solved through merely identifying where the missiles are located, and ignoring that the missiles would still have to be neutralized. All said, it appears as though the Security Council is taking a very cavalier attitude when dealing with the extreme danger of the crisis.