Pakistan Targeted by Security Council’s Wrath

HURRIYET DAILY NEWS – Pakistan detained and sentenced another Indian citizen yesterday evening in a show of disagreement with international consensus on the multiple issues occurring within the country. The International Court of Justice laid out a strong case against Pakistani actions regarding their detainment and eventual execution of Kulbhushan Jadhav as an agent of terrorism, extremism, and separatism.This decision was extensively justified within the ICJ, and yet still promptly ignored by Pakistan, this is likely due to the embargo enforced by the Security Council as an attempt at dealing with the stolen nuclear weapon system.

The Security Council’s trade embargo enforced on all international trade plunged the country into an economic crisis. This was done as a hastily formed plan to locate a stolen Pakistani nuclear weapon system. Rather than offering support to a Pakistan organized investigation, the Security Council opted to instead attempt to find the missiles using outside sourced equipment and intelligence services, completely ignoring local intelligence and infrastructure in the region.

This occurred all while the government of Pakistan was fractured by the infiltration of Daesh agents into the highest levels of authority. These agents helped steal the weapon systems, and likely have the ability to deploy the stolen nuclear weapons. Actions by the Security Council have not aided in the arrest and detention of these agents, but instead likely aided them by providing an economic crisis from which they can continue to build support for their cause within Pakistan and the local region.

The hasty trial of the unidentified Indian national yesterday was perpetrated in protest to the Security Council’s actions taken against Pakistan. Rather than engaging with the country, the Security Council has decided to blame and disgrace Pakistan when other cooperative options existed, but were just simply disregarded.