BREITBART – Yesterday’s press conference brought up a critical issue when Justice Giorgio Gaja was asked about the status of the graffiti found in the International Court of Justice (ICJ). He responded quickly that his grandchildren had entered the secure room to take some time to draw. When followed up with today about the defacement of Kulbhushan Jadhav’s face, a man who was the subject of this committee’s talk, individuals noticed that the graffiti had continued to reach a level of a hate crime.

In the picture, it is clear to see Jadhav sporting the infamous hammer and sickle as a cap upon his head. He is also seen with a millennial moustache and ‘no bread’ splayed across his chin, indicative of the gluten-free snowflakes who flaunt their dietary status as if it were their first name. Russian writing is also displayed, under the word Vladi, implying the rest of the writing to be Putin, and further emphasizing the Russian influence in many political spheres.

This writing coupled with the detailed drawing give evidence to the fact that it was not grandchildren running amuck in the courtroom, rather it was the justices themselves who wrote these pro-Russian, pro-snowflake rhetoric.

Putting together the pieces, it is obvious that Justice Giogio Gaja feels that it is more appropriate to put the blame on those who cannot speak rather than take the blame himself. This is indicative of a larger problem of the ICJ, who give responsibility to those who are not able to speak for themselves.

It is important that the international community ‘lock the doors’ to these grandchildren of the ICJ and let them know that their actions deserve a time out.