Europe versus the World

THE GLOBAL TIMES – As the General Assembly session comes to a close, regional divisions have not changed since the start of session. After arduous negotiations, the Asia and Latin America blocs have successfully merged their proposals into one working paper. This effort is an prime example for South-South cooperation, which has been a recurring theme for the Assembly. The Europe bloc however has refused to cooperate with the rest of the Assembly. This stance has resulted to a failure of Europe-Asia-Latin America talks for potential resolution mergers.

Cuba, Haiti, and Mexico were indifferent to having Europe’s inclusion in the Asia-Latin America working paper, citing their “large majority” to pass the document. South Africa took a more cooperative approach, expressing disappointment that Europe and the Asia-Latin America blocs could not come to a consensus. When asked how their relations with the Asia-Latin America bloc, several members of the Europe bloc declined for comment. Anonymous sources from the Asia-Latin America bloc have called the Europe bloc’s unwillingness to merge as “frustrating.”

China has expressed concerns over the Europe bloc’s isolationist stance. The Chinese delegation stated that “the spirit of the Second Committee is international cooperation, and the Europe bloc has abandoned that principle.” China is fervently commitmented to international cooperation and peace, and hopes to maintain friendly relations with all regions of the world.