China More Concerned With Flip-Flops Than Bombs

BREITBART – In a press conference on Saturday, the IPC confronted the delegate of China with his trash-talking of his colleagues, as he was on record with statements such as “Ukraine flip-flops so much he should start his own shoe company.”

These inflammatory statements have hurt the credibility and have exposed the weaknesses in China’s ethics, further emphasizing the importance that P5 members, such as the leader of the Western world the United States, plays in this committee. Unchecked power used by China will result in destructive resolutions that will threaten the sovereignty of Member States in the global community.

In addition, the delegate did not deny such claims, instead confirming these statements directly in front of his fellow delegates. In response to this, China said “I love flip-flops. I just like them on my shoes and not in my committee.” This evoked a crowd of laughter, distracting from the larger issues that the Security Council is facing.

Later in the press conference, China was asked about how the UNSC plans on finding the bomb in Afghanistan and he was unable to comment. This signified to the larger audience that China does not care about terrorists obtaining world-threatening bombs such as these but does place a large emphasis on shoe care.

With mistakes such as these in the hands of powerful P5 countries, we are lucky the United States has been able to spearhead the effort by the Security Council to resolve this issue, relieving junior P5 states such as China from bearing the responsibility of these global decisions.