Suspicions Arise Over Origin of Silver Sheath Slime Mold Blight

REUTERS – Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) scientists working to address the massive Silver Silt Sheath Slime Mold (SSSSM) blight that has been decimating the food supplies of the developing world have made a groundbreaking discovery. While examining the mechanism by which the disease spreads and replicates, the scientists found that this disease specifically targeted non-genetically modified organisms, destroying the crop yield of rice and corn in the global South.

Upon further investigation, the scientists found genetic markers in SSSSM that indicate modifications to its genome had been man-made. The exact details and origins of the modifications are unknown,  however they seem to be quite extensive. Experts have said that the techniques required to do these types of genome modification require multi-billion dollar labs of industrial scale, and that genetic watermarks left by the modifications indicate techniques developed by Russian laboratories.

Russia has recently come out against GMOs in the UN Commission on Science and Technology for Development, echoing concerns from global south states over the lack of research into the long-term effects of GMOs and the costs associated with them. Despite Russia’s strong stance, questions remain over the origin of this blight.