Worries of future nuclear attack grow


Al Arabiya – Fear within the international community is growing following the recent events in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The confiscation of nuclear weapons has led many of the world’s defence forces to analyze indecipherable satellite imaging to recognize who is held responsible for these attacks, only for Amaq, Daesh’s affiliated news agency, to announce that the group is responsible for yet another audacious act.   

Following additional security measures taken by Pakistan in response to the convoy attack, the Pakistani government has discovered a government insider that is alleged to be a party to the attack. This government official has reportedly been taken into questioning.  

Although the exact details of the interview are not public information, it has been released that not only does the weapon at hand have every capability of being deployed – having all launchers and necessary equipment – but that there have also been implications for an attack on the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

Fears of these attacks are leading to multiple rumors spreading throughout the international community, spiking unrest in member states.

Rumours of a breach in Russian security resulting in stolen missile launchers remain unconfirmed.

Additional rumors detail alleged plans for attacks in Saudi Arabia are simply being used as a decoy in an effort to distract the global community and the efforts of the United Nations Security Council.

Furthermore, rumors allege the arrested Pakistani government official is not the only Daesh sympathiser to work in the Pakistani state. Reports indicate that following the arrest, three more officials quickly fled the country in what appears to be a broader Daesh cell infiltrating the country’s government.  The largest concern remains that these men possess the ability to and are fully capable of launching the stolen missile.

Countries, specifically Pakistan and its neighbouring states, are fortifying border security and preparing for what many in the international community worry will happen next.