Tensions Rise in General Assembly

RT –  As the General Assembly concluded session yesterday many delegates reported feeling frustrated with the unoriginality of current proposals to address issues of biodiversity. “Many of our ideas have already been implemented” an anonymous source said, “and it feels like there’s no progress being made.” Getting deeper into debate highlighted what one delegate said to be a “shallow understanding” of the topic.

Frustration reached a new low today, manifested in accusations of plagiarism. The delegate from Hungary has accused many Latin America and Caribbean countries of “stealing ideas” focusing on potentially implementing regional frameworks to a global scale. The work of the General Assembly has temporarily stalled in light of these recent claims. Accused delegates believe these allegations to be unfounded and hypocritical. Many interpreting Hungary’s behavior as another example of European Union’s stronghold over the committee and an attempt to silence the voices of other countries.

At this juncture, the body’s ability to overcome the insult of these serious accusations and reach consensus is doubtful. The accused delegates are unwilling to continue work with the European Union unless apologies are made.

This behavior is indicative of a larger problem within the GA. Until the GA is able to put aside some of it’s more trivial behaviors this unwillingness to hear all voices equally will continue to cause problems and derail conversations from the issue at hand.

While the issue seems to have been resolved amongst delegates, an overwhelming feeling of disrespect still lingers within the committee.