Judge Says Jadhav Verdict is In

AL JAZEERA – The United Nations’ International Court of Justice reached a preliminary verdict on the first of two cases before it this weekend. The court is soon expected to announce its decision on the India-Pakistan dispute over the death sentence of the Indian ex-naval officer Kulbhushan Sudhir Jadhav.

Judge Dalveer Bhandari confirmed to Al Jazeera that the preliminary verdict was reached unanimously. Final language is still be crafted before the court will hand out its ruling.

Judge Bhandari would not speak on the specifics of the verdict, but did tell Al Jazeera they expect the ruling to solve the dispute, saying the ruling would “satisfy one party more than the other.”

Tensions between the press and the ICJ have been reported this weekend. Judge Bhandari told Al Jazeera that the deliberative process is difficult and that managing their duties to the court can hinder their ability to speak openly. With deliberations finished, it would seem the court is more willing to open up to the press.