ICJ: A Question of Dependability and Respect

TIMES OF INDIA – High tensions and conflict in the ICJ have had a severely detrimental impact on the productivity of the committee, including negatively affecting a first-time reporter in the International Press Corps.

After multiple failed attempts to interview the ICJ, including a reporter being booed, hissed at, and expulsed from the committee session by various Justices, the committee has slowly managed to begin discussing updates with various news sources. However, this has been with minimal detail and almost negligible transparency from the committee.

In an attempt to involve news sources in discussion, an anonymous source overheard a Justice saying that “the Press shouldn’t be here” and that they “don’t even know why we should allow them in the room” after escorting yet another news representative out of the committee. Despite this set back, The Times of India was keen on attempting to return to this committee to properly represent the topics at hand.

In an exclusive interview with Joan Donoghue, she expressed her frustration that there are constant “fights with words” and that “some Justices just need to shut their mouths”. After interviewing other anonymous sources, we were tipped that there are multiple conflicts about human rights and the Jadhav Case occurring, and that there is little progress, yelling, and that productivity is low. Justices Dalveer Bhandari and Kirill Gevorgian were quick to echo the general remarks made above. In addition, two documents have been discussed within the committee: The Vienna Convention, and the 2008 Bilateral Agreement between India and Pakistan.

The Times of India reports that various organizations and other news sources should be cautious when approaching this body, and question their transparency. The Times of India urges this committee to reflect on their motives in sharing their progress, evaluations, and dependability to the rest of the UN Body, and to increase their commitment to providing relevant and accurate information to the rest of the committees. In all, the ICJ is a unique body that truly has something behind its closed doors that we are all very curious about.