European Union: Uniting Nothing But Themselves


BREITBART – The European Union has long been looked at as a model of cooperation within its boundaries, but their treatment of those who do not hold the EU title is less than applaudable. This has been further inflated in the current workings of the General Assembly, as the EU has chosen to move forward with only their voices, leaving out other important players such as the United States, Russia, and China.

When asked what other committee members thoughts were on how this overgrown consortium is running the committee, an anonymous source replied “I feel like the EU is holding a dog bone over our heads. They hold the power using the money they have over poorer countries.”

The United States has made significant strides to recognize the poorer populations, as President Donald Trump noted in an exclusive Breitbart interview on May 12th, 2015 “The people that like me best are poor people and middle-income people.” This rousing support from the bottom 50% show the success that the president has with people of all income levels. This hard-earned experience is all but forgotten, however, with the continuous absence of this world superpower.

The delegate of China noted that it has been “ironic that [the EU] has been talking about indigenous rights…compared to South America and Asia who have a lot more indigenous people.” The European Union has been repeatedly holding their voice in the highest regard, historically valuing their ideas over both indigenous people and other important voices, such as the United States, the leader of the Western world.

Another anonymous source cited their “amusement by the EU’s willingness to play with fire and their degradation of their own national interests just because the United States isn’t here.” Without this crucial player, the EU is letting the power get to their head, evidenced by their treatment of these individuals. Bolivia noted “They are attempting to be cooperative, but they are not very sensitive to our situations as impoverished nations.”

With members of the body outnumbering the voices of the European Union bloc, it is important to unite these smaller voices in opposition to this power-hungry assembly. The next coming sessions will be highly anticipated on the global stage, as the community waits to see who will come out on top.