A New Hope: GA Nations Unite

TIMES OF INDIA – From leaked information to failed transparency and diplomatic issues, the General Assembly has come forth in being supportive, collaborative, and idealistic in their proposed solutions to its topics under discussion.

Among a number of interviews including Russia, US, UK, Germany, and other Member States, there has been overwhelming support for the progress that the committee has made. Despite the absence of the United States’ delegate, the committee has made vast progress in merging the ASLAO Block with the Asian Block, and will move to merge the resulting paper with the European Union’s. The delegate of the Russian Federation stated that the GA will ultimately “make change on a global level” and that biodiversity will bring the “UN to success.”

Words used to describe the committee include terrific, collaborative, communicative, constructive, and flowering. Even Germany stated that the GA is a “league of friendship.” There have been overwhelmingly optimistic remarks, which can be seen as solid ground to be convinced that the GA has made substantial progress in unification. The GA has demonstrated their transparency, dedication to a common goal, and willingness to cooperate with other Member States throughout the conference.

There were only two Member States that had differing views on this progress:
A) The DPRK remains confident that the committee is not collaborative, despite the opposing views of most other Member States, and
B) The delegate of Bulgaria did not like their facial expression in the featured photograph.

Featured Photograph:

  • Bottom Left: DPRK
  • Top Left: Bulgaria
  • Centre: Russian Federation
  • Right: Assistant Director of International Press Corps