UN Security Council’s “judgement is clearly wrong”

RT – Discussion began today in the in the UN Security Council to address the situation in Myanmar. Previously, the Security Council has failed to take reach consensus on how to help solve the violence and ethnic tensions in Myanmar reignited by the lack of acknowledgement by Myanmar leader, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Western nations have propped up an ineffective democratic government in Myanmar. The country’s first open election was won by the National League for Democracy, headed Aung San Suu Kyi, who since these elections has been blocked from becoming president. The West has applauded themselves for granting democracy without any actual results, giving the illusion of power to a party without the ability to control the events in Myanmar.

Proposed solutions by the US in the Security Council aim to disintegrate Myanmar’s citizenship law, which currently does not recognize the Rohingya minority as citizens. Current discussions fail to recognize the primary roots of this issue. These efforts ignore the desires of the people of Myanmar, who have repeatedly decline foreign aid and instead serve to further benefit the the goals of Western Imperialism.

“Their judgement is clearly wrong” claimed the delegate of Bolivia, adding that “Indigenous peoples of the world must unite and overthrow their capitalist oppressors.” If debates in the Security Council continue to head to down these paths it is unlikely any consensus will be reached.

The violence in Myanmar is far from being resolved. The international community and UN bodies must be extremely careful in how it approaches this situation. Resolution can only come from open and thoughtful dialogue that acknowledges the beliefs of all nationalities and religions. This seems unlikely given the current direction of Security Council discussions.