UN Committee On Science And Technology Looks To ‘Strong Players’ For Guidance

BREITBART – The Committee on Science and Technology for Development (CSTD) almost unanimously voted to begin talks on the role of science, technology, innovation in ensuring food security after hearing from the strong voices of the delegates from the United States and Russia.

These important international players have set the stage in previous United Nations decisions and the committee found it easy to follow in the impressive strides set by these Member States. The technological advances on the food security stage have been spearheaded by the US, reflective in the success they have seen on a national scale.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a report recently announcing the number of hungry people who are “food insecure” is at an all time low since 2007. This has been due largely in part to low unemployment rates and drop in food inflation prices, which means that food is more accessible to people with less money. With this stunning example set during the current presidency, it is important that the committee values the voice of the United States.

“The United States uses powerful voices to ensure that commercial interests are met to end world hunger,” the United States’ delegate responded. “It is an important concern [for the U.S] to export U.S. technology that will credit the U.S. with an immense and immeasurable contribution.”

The delegate of Russia, however, flew a different flag. “It is important to get all voices heard…as developing countries need the most support from larger countries.” With this attitude, Russia may find themselves wasting their very advance technology on lower, less developed countries, as they continue to hope that “…everyone can have a piece of the pie.”

The U.S. has found smart ways to invest their technological information with allies that will give them the credit they deserve. Hastily putting resources into Member States with less than perfect records poses a threat to Russia as an international superpower. Moving forward, the international community will be hopefully waiting for Russia and the United States to make strong technological strides to combat the difficulties of food security.