In Southeast Asia crisis, Latin America shows leadership

CNN LATINO –  Though the crisis in Myanmar is unfolding some 10,000 miles away, Latin American countries in the United Nations Security Council have been taking leadership on the issue. The representative of Bolivia, who has been making a name for themselves with bold statements, urged the Security Council to take action at a time when the Council was stuck on pondering the merits of another fact finding mission. Calling on the fellow Council members to look at past policies in innovative ways, the representative held the Mexico Plan of Action, a continent-wide refugee resettlement scheme, up as a successful policy to emulate now. Going further, they suggested that should the Council fail to act, Latin America would be in a position to pick up the slack themselves, calling on other Latin American nations to accept more refugees themselves. “It would be necessary to get Chile and Brazil on board. Ideally it could be up to 200,000 people, but even if it were 200 people then that is 200 people that are no longer suffering.”

While it is unclear if the other states mentioned would agree to this plan, another Council member, Uruguay, agreed with this sentiment. They expressed hope that this Council session, unlike past ones, would result in a productive global plan, though the delegate told CNN en Español that Uruguay would be willing to accept more refugees themselves. Acknowledging that accepting more refugees would only be a stop-gap measure, they outlined a plan to focus the Council’s attention on combating the crisis head on, especially the sexual harassment, child labor, and religious discrimination that the Rohingya suffer under daily.