07 January 2017 | Vancouver, British Columbia

A new Liveleak video has been posted by the same account as the anonymous Chechen fighter from earlier this afternoon from the Turkish-Syrian border. In the video, a masked figure (who appears to be the same man as before) declares that his group is but a small cog in a much larger machine dedicated to creating an independent state in Central Asia based around Shariah law. In the background of the video behind the speaker, one can see flags belonging to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, ISIS, and Al-Qaeda. Once the figure finished his speech, the video then transitioned to an outdoor location where dozens of similarly-masked and armed figures are seen marching along a road. In front of them are what appear to be civilians who have been bound around the wrists and had bags placed over their heads. A preliminary INTERPOL analysis places their location along the Turkish-Syrian border, but has not been able to locate their specific location yet.


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