“This is Our Swamp”

Alleged Copyright Infringement in CCPCJ Intensifies

Der Spiegel | Vancouver | 7 January 2017 | 16:37


One day after the lawyers BPV&E sent out a cease and desist letter to the United Nations regarding the character Shrek and its derivatives, some delegates still seem adamant in using similar references to the children’s movie about a green ogre.

The most glaring instance of potential infringement involves the name of a paper drafted by some delegates, including the Canadian delegate. Their paper is entitled “Swamp” and is known colloquially as “The Swamp Paper.” Swamp is, of course, an acronym for “Systematic Worldwide Aggregator to Minimize the Tracking of Persons.” Unfortunately, the delegates failed to notice that their title spells out “SWAMTP.”

When asked about potential copyright infringement, the Canadian delegate states that he “cannot comment” on other delegates’ usage of Shrek references, including the Russian delegate’s description of peeling back an onion, a reference to the movie in question. “That’s their business,” the delegate states.

The delegate also stated that “I can sing the ‘Happy Birthday Song,’ unless I gain a profit from it” as this would be copyright infringement. Unfortunately, the delegate failed to learn that the copyright on the song expired meaning that anyone may sing the song regardless of permission. This suggests that the delegate does not know enough about copyrights to claim that he is not infringing on the Shrek copyright.

Time will tell if the BPV&E law firm plans on responding to these potential infractions, but when asked what he would say to the lawyers if they pressed charges, the Canadian delegate stated “It would be ogre before they knew it.”


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