Small Steps to Big Results: the UN tackles indigenous issues

Times of India

Jan 8, 2017


In an attempt to address the injustices committed against indigenous people around the globe, several countries of the General Assembly at the UN are coming together to find solutions to improve indigenous peoples’ lives.


With great enthusiasm, the delegates of Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, and India have stated that they are working together, along with other countries, to improve the lives of indigenous peoples through a multi-pronged, broad approach. This initiative would include better education for indigenous peoples around the globe, as well as educating non-indigenous people of indigenous cultures and values. Through these education programs, the delegates are hopeful that future generations around the world will have a better understanding of the different cultures around them.


The initiative will also include efforts to protect indigenous women through specific efforts by NGOs. The delegate of Japan gave an example on how Japan wishes to see its relations with its indigenous women. Japan will be , which will have a direct impact on indigenous women. In India, many indigenous women in the Western Bengal region collect tea leaves. By adopting a similar position to Japan, India may also be able to improve its relations with


The delegates involved in this initiative have explained the intentions of using the multiple UN agencies and NGOs that are already available. The delegate of Finland has indicated that working with NGOs will be key for success.


The initiatives that the countries wish to put into action will provide foundations which the international community can continue as the Malaysian delegate indicated. Tackling indigenous issues is no small fat, and must be done in small steps with a large foundation to work on.


For indigenous people around the globe, there is hope as the countries continue to discuss initiatives to improve their quality of life.



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