Security Council: So Careful, So Far

Fox news

Russian guns in Turkey. French air craft carriers deploying in the Mediterranean. America declaring “everyone is on high alert.”

If you listen in to the lamestream media about what the Security Council is meeting and discussing, you might feel that the world is on the brink of war. This is one time that the lamestream media is correct, rather than the delegates in New York.

According to the delegates, everything is running smoothly. The decorum of the council remains stoic in formal sessions, with five speeches in a row praising cooperation and diplomacy, rather than any substantive talk. Behind the scenes, tensions are continuing to rise.

France is on the one hand deploying aircraft carriers towards Turkey, while remaining adamant that there is no planned invasion of Turkey. France has been urging that “everyone practice restraint”, despite deploying its navy following intelligence on ISIS and Chechen terrorists acting within Western Europe.

European Nations, in the face of a wave of radical Islamic terrorism in Western Europe, continue to speak in formal session on how glad they are to be working together, and coming to agreement. In private, they disagree and are almost in active conflict.

Ukraine and Russia are in disagreement over reports of gun running within Turkey. Ukraine claims that the shipment “originated in Russia”, verified through “Russian markings on the shipment,” as reported in Reuters.

Russia refutes that claim, “They were stolen from us. You can’t expect us to know the shipment path of guns stolen from our storage… We trust in the Turkish and Russian authorities to conduct their investigations properly.”

Ukraine mentioned that they would love a carrier group of their own, and that “Ukraine will be very careful with it. Believe you me,” before fondly recalling their former Soviet military capabilities.

Anonymous sources are claiming that Ukraine is seeking to prop up Chechen Rebels against Russia, in a Tit for Tat move in retaliation for the “little green men” who took Crimea from them. A claim Ukraine flatly denies.

Powerful navies are going to war, American Allies are in a fight against tyranny, and Washington is doing nothing to prevent this, even encouraging it.

The United States is not acting with enough leadership to assure our allies, and cow our enemies. While tensions continue to rise in the Security Council, Obama’s delegation makes speeches praising everyone’s hard work.


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