Press Release: Arab Republic of Egypt


The Arab Republic of Egypt condemns the efforts of some news reporters of various news agencies in particular Rio Times, Fox News, People’s Daily and Xiaoxing Li for trying to take the efforts of the Security Council out of contexts.

It is worth noting that all individuals involved with the United Nations and its bodies including those reporting on the affairs should maintain highest level of integrity, diplomacy and professionalism. Manipulations, misquotations, and representation of false news of any sort put forward by the reporter of Rio Times and People’s Daily will not be welcomed by the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Associated Delegates. It is worth noting that every representative involved in the United Nations affairs should be concentrated on coming to solutions on the given problems, including the reporters who should simply be reporting on the turn of events within those affairs without their own falsely added biased details.

Furthermore, the Arab Republic of Egypt being a country of diversity, multiple faiths and ethnicities, including that of the Islamic faith, condemns the use of “radical Islamic terrorism” as it has been proven multiple times that the Islamic faith has nothing to do with terrorism. As noted by multiple experts from various leading countries on counter-terrorism, including that of United States of America, radical terrorism and faith have very little in common; instead terrorism has very close ties with political demands and political perspectives. Hence, relating any religion to terrorism is not only incorrect but morally wrong.

In regards to the works of the Arab Republic of Egypt and other Member States of the Security Council, the Delegation of Egypt is extremely proud of the efforts made by the Member States of the Security Council. The Delegation of Egypt is a contributing sponsor of two of the three papers and a signatory to the third one. The Delegation of Egypt was only able to do that due to efforts of the entire Security Council in remaining free of their countries’ interests and work for the better of securing protection for the civilians in zones of armed conflict. Finally, the Arab Republic of Egypt was one of the initiators to successfully merge two papers bringing it to one Draft Resolution.