Fractured GA Close to Conclusions


The General Assembly has been quite divided over indigenous rights across the committee sessions this weekend. This has resulted in three main working groups: a group spearheaded by the United States, Australia, and New Zealand has been focusing on creating better living standards for indigenous peoples; a joint Japanese-Luxembourg-Malaysian-Indian proposal considers a broader approach focusing on education; and a Finnish proposal for NGO involvement.

The committee has also seen some previously unheard of cooperation, namely from Palestine and Israel. In addition, there has been some loud criticism, particularly from the United Arab Emirates towards multiple Western states.

Yesterday’s press conference seems to not have affected the atmosphere of the GA whatsoever, as no arguments have erupted thus far. This is a refreshing change from the accusations seen in the past two days, notably from the UAE towards Israel over the Israeli claim that the Jews were the original inhabitants of Israel and Palestine. With the end of the committee in sight, it is likely that any still brewing fights will remain simmering.

As the committee inches towards a voting bloc, it remains to be seen what will result from this meeting of the GA, the largest United Nations body.

UPDATE: The General Assembly has adopted all three of the draft resolutions before it. Resolution 1/1 was adopted by a vote of 53 and 1 against. Resolution 1/2 was adopted by acclimation. Resolution 1/3 was adopted by a vote of 22 for and 12 against.