Chechen Liveleak Leaders Captured in Syria

What is believed to be the entire leadership structure of the mysterious Chechen rebel group popularized by their Liveleak videos was captured just a few hours ago by a combined UN force in Northwestern Syria. In a stunning display of bravery and precision, INTERPOL agents identified the targets in question and apprehended them without any casualties. This is surprising given that most experts predicted this group to be highly trained in guerrilla warfare. Without the charismatic and organizational abilities of these leaders, the rest of the roughly one-hundred fighters are expected to scatter for the foreseeable future.

INTERPOL officials say that they would not have been able to have completed such a complex operation without access to the help of other UN counterterrorism and security agencies such as the UN Security Council, Counter-Terrorism Committee, Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force, and United Nations Intelligence Committee. The officials also noted that previous attempts to work with these agencies were “difficult” until a well-timed directive issued by the Security Council provided the impetus for more integrated cooperation.