25+ Reasons why the IPC just isn’t that into you. You won’t believe number 7!

Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 3.07.05 PM.png

Buzzfeed News,

After a weekend of diligent note-taking, article writing, and editing, our work has not gone unnoticed. While all the delegates were deliberating on their respective topics, the IPC was busy being harassed, ignored, and bullied.We endured your wrath, now endure ours.

It makes us sad….

  1. When you deliberately spread lies about us within your committee
  2. When you try and get us to do your dirty work in blaming other countries for shipping arms to Syrian rebels
  3. When you think we’re personally attacking you and not your country (I don’t know you?)
  4. When you can’t take a joke
  5. When we’re called up to the dais because of “insensitivity”
  6. When we’re personally victimized at our own press conference
  7. News Alert: Assange will be extradited to Sweden, ruling by ICJ
  8. When you say you want a two-state solution and then give speeches against the two-state solution
  9. When you enter a moderated debate but all of the speakers say the same exact thing
  10. When you’re as vague as [expletive]ing possible
  11. When you talk so fast that I can’t write down what you’re saying
  12. When you give us one-word answers
  13. When you won’t stop agreeing with each other. Please fight more, otherwise we have nothing to write about.
  14. When your doors are always closed because you’re “deliberating”
  15. When you stop deliberating, and you have nothing interesting to say
  16. When we just speak the truth and then you throw a pen at my head
  17. When you complain that we’re publishing propaganda… and we are a propaganda newsource
  18. When you complain that we’re publishing propaganda… and we are Fair and Balanced
  19. When you yell at us. Not nice.
  20. When you think we’re trying to grill you and we’re just trying to understand how the heck you got here.
  21. When you spend 10 minutes crapping on my article only to realize that I was outside the door the whole time.
  22. When you answer questions too well…
  23. When you give us false news. We don’t want to be Breitbart news.
  24. When you go to get “coffee” as an entire group, and end up just resuming the meeting you were originally having in a different location.
  25. When you shout at us for posting news about a freaking selfie
  26. When you purposefully confuse Fox News as to which Developing Nation you are
  27. When you go into formal debate instead of answering our questions
  28. When you don’t tell us anything unless we specifically ask for it
  29. When you don’t like one journalist so you blame IPC as a whole #NotAllIPC
  30. When you think that IPC chooses who it wants at the press conference #wewantedMurica
  31. When you can’t tell if the Russia Today guy is Russian or not
  32. When you ask the BBC why he has gin and he says because he is the BBC
  33. When you know you’ll never get as many likes as the Onion
  34. When you suck all the wifi and we can’t publish all the research we did
  35. When you took all weekend to agree on something and we put this article together in 10 minutes
  36. When you push us over the edge just enough to write this entire list of why you’re annoying



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