Two-State System? More like a To-Wait System

Artyom Borzhoska with Russia Today


In an article published by Al Jazeera on 7 January, the news source reported that “Israel and Palestine Agree to Two-State Solution” in the ongoing United Nations General Assembly discussion on indigenous rights. However, this was not exactly the case.

Russia Today spoke with the delegates from both Israel and Palestine, who said in a statement that “working together is the only way”, but that “an agreement has not yet been set”, and that more details would need to be worked out before any official announcement of cooperation could be made.

Palestine disagreed with the claims made in the Al Jazeera article before the entire General Assembly, instead saying that more time and effort would pass before a “two-state system” could actually be implemented. This waiting period that Palestine described would help to test the strength of Israel’s willingness to cooperate.

When asked whether the states of Israel and Palestine would work with a third- party mediator, the Israeli delegate said they would be open to working with another Arab country with a sizeable Jewish population. However, as most Arab states have Jewish populations of under 100, the most important question is who would Israel approach, if anyone.

This move comes just under a month after the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 2334, which condemned the building of Israeli settlements outside of its pre-1967 borders, which includes all of the Palestinian state.


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