Europeans Assume Everyone Wants Prostitutes

PEOPLE’S DAILY: A Coddling Touch Rather Than A Firm Hand

European proposals to address the growing problem of child trafficking through UNICEF include the use of local labour unions and labour laws to police children in the sex trade.

The delegation from Sweden was hoping to prevent underage “sex work” by having local labour unions and law enforcement do their own age spot checks of prostitute rings. They also cited the need to ensure that more refugee and trafficked children can unilaterally refuse to reunite with their families.

The German delegation concurred, citing the need for local law enforcement and relevant volunteer efforts to prevent children from returning to dangerous, abusive, and violent situations.

An anonymous source went on to say that this position was better than shutting prostitution down because taking down every brothel “would take too long.”

Ideas like this represent European cultural imperialism that presumes that other nations would follow their decadent morals.

China is in the middle of a massive crusade against prostitution, with a recent raid in Dongguan catching 67 prostitutes, and dealing a massive blow to their immoral crime ring.

Any interaction between prostitution rings and law enforcement must be to stop the crime and prosecute the offenders, as any other action would legitimize the crime and make the state complicit in it.

The people of China and the World must speak up to prevent the legitimization of this immoral practice, especially when minors are involved. A firm touch must be used to prevent child sex-slaves —  not a coddling embrace, as proposed by Sweden.



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